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Default Re: The "how" thread

Music - Deftones Pearl Jam Blink182 Nirvana Korn

Drummer - Matt Cameron David Silveria Abe Cunningham

Person - My mates got me in to drumming one of my friends had A cd with A whole bunch of songs pretty much all the bands above on it and they used to air guitar to and told me to be the air drummer so I did and then after that I just coulden't stop air drumming when ever I put on A cd I had to air drum to it even though I didn't no how to play at the time

Style - Metel rock punk would say Jazz but to be honest I can't play Jazz

Inspirations - Pete Sandoval he attacks his bass drums like A punching bag. In fact, he spends so much time blasting quadruplets and sextuplets with his feet that heretic could probably win an award for most bass strokes ever on A long playing album. Dave Grohl the whole nirvana to foo fighters thing
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