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Default 2 questions about New York City - drinking age and whats on!

I might be planning for a trip to NYC at the end of this year, but before I commit to going I want to know about rules concerning getting into pubs/venues. I know the legal drinking age is 21 (which I'm assuming is the minimum age for getting into lisenced venues) but I heard that some states may allow foreigners into venues if they show their passport - does anyone know any details about this, or know where I could find the info?

And the main reason I posted here - since I may be in NEW YORK!! - where should I go? Who will I be able to see? If I could see someone like Jojo Mayer play, I would be so happy. Also, what are some cool things to do or check out in New York that may not be obvious to a tourist? I would want to do some American-only things, check out an nfl or baseball game, etc.
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