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Default Re: Attention: Steely Dan tragics

Originally Posted by resohead View Post
The last four days I've been playing along with their first album and I pretty much know it by heart.
The guitar solo on Reeling In The Years is my favorite little snippet in rock music history. :)
Originally Posted by inneedofgrace View Post
Reeling was one of those songs that got so played out, I can't bare to listen to it now. Same with Do It Again. :(
I find that first album an anomaly in the Dan collection. The rhythms are less demanding than later on. Once you have Katy Lied and Aja down ...

And yeah, some of those songs have been played too much. Like my band's cover of Dirty Work. It's quite a pleasant listen but, really, there are many fresher tracks to play ...

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I love playing SD when I do my solo act. The arrangement and other parts are locked in the computer. Every time I do those songs with other humans it sucks. But I perform Josie, Peg, Babylon Sisters, Cousin Dupree, Gaslighting Abbey, and What a shame about me fairly regularly.
I can easily imagine trying to cover Dan with a band and someone's not quite there. As Abe said, various elements have to be in place or it sounds flat.
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