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Default Re: Attention: Steely Dan tragics

It's funny you mentioned playing along Steely Dan, although I only have one of their CD Aja (*shame*), I never actually played any covers of SD with any bands. I only play along to 3 songs which are included my compilation CDs I use when practicing or just having fun at the kit (yes, one as to entertain oneself when you don't have a band). I never acutally try to learn the parts of the songs I'm playing (I play Home at last, I got the news and Josie), I just play them because I like the feel of these songs, so it's certainely not a note for note approach, just pure fun at the kit. :)

Funny your comment about I got the news, I found it to be the easiest type of feel for me, more natural than Aja for exemple, Gadd's solo asides. :)
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