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Default Re: Attention: Steely Dan tragics


Danaholic here!

I did Dont Take Me Alive, and Green Earrings with a covers band last year, and have played Dan covers pretty much throughout my playing days.

I've been a Dan junkie to such an extent that most of the tunes are completely internalized and I can practically sing out the bass parts, the guitar solos, hum the horn sections, etc .

It is perhaps the one ( and only ) band that I know inside out - Not all of their catalogue but most of it, so I've never had to struggle with the parts, the fills etc. Thankfully there arent too many of them.

The hardest part for anybody playing Dan is to nail the groove. The sum of the parts is what makes their groove. Arrangement is key. If you dont get that right, everybody could be playing all the right notes in the right places but it'll sound dead.

I've tried to play Gadd's Aja solo once back in the day, and I had to memorize it since I dont read. It was a very satisfying exercise to learn it but I dont think I did a good job playing.

Also did Kid Charlemagne back in the old days which was a popular cover to do then but I would prefer the band played Black Cow instead. Charlemagne was a crowd pleaser but I didnt quite enjoy it, oddly enough.

I'd love to play Haitian Divorce thesedays but nobody knows it .... : )


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