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Default Attention: Steely Dan tragics

When you play along with the Dan (of course you do), do you work on note to note covers like Gvdalphabetsum does or do you do the main accents and add (or subtract) nuance your own way?

Interesting to know which tracks do you enjoy playing with the most?

For me, Josie's way up there, Don't Take Me Alive, Daddy Don't Live in NYC No More, Black Cow, King of the World ... it's hard to choose ...

Not sure if this is controversial or not, but I go for as steady as possible a groove in I Got the News because I think the song would have been more satisfying if Ed Greene had stayed home a bit more.

My band's covering two of their easier songs - Do It Again and Dirty Work. Also working on Razor Boy, but I'm not sure if we'll ever get it right ...

Over to you ...
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