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Huge influence on me.


Kill the King... hello. Double kick work, the rhythm matching Daisley's bass pattern. What a tune.

Lost in Hollywood.... another fav I've played a zillion times.

Great snare work. I still do his Hi Hat fills 30 years later. Eyes of the World... off of Down to Earth. He has this longish, very composed fill that ends with the HH chips... friggen Brills.

Loves no Friend.... are you kidding me? WHAT A TUNE!

Dude was a monster in every possible way. I loved the first fill in Lost in Hollywood.... the snare to floortom to snare to floortom single stroke stuff. He projected power under control. I have always loved the way he played. Never heard him before Rainbow, didn't follow him after Rainbow. That stuff was just right in my wheelhouse and helped set a trajectory that I'm still on today.

Love this guy.

Man. I gotta go put in Down to Earth. One of the records that changed me.

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