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Default Re: Anyone used a Gibraltar Bass Drum Cymbal Mount?

I recently put one on my Gretsch kick. And currently I have a heavy 22" ride on it that I use for dual crash/ride purposes. I hit it HARD and it never budges, strong as an ox.

Now, it is very tall but I solved that in about 10 minutes by cutting it down. Its easy:

1) drive out roll pin holding the cymbal tilter to the tube and remove

2) Cut down tube to desired length - I'd recommend using a proper tube cutter that plumbers use, you can get them very cheap at big DIY/Hardware stores

3) Nudge the tilter back on with a soft hammer

4) Using an appropriate size HSS metal drill bit, redrill the hole for the roll pin and drive the pin back in

You should have a newly shortened tube and can switch the L-rod if you wanna go short or tall. I took about 6" off of my tube but you can take as little or as much as you want. The best thing is you get a 'short' version that's half the price of the DW short one!!
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