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I am very ignorant about Neil Peart. I have only heard the Rush song and his solo which are on this site and I quite liked what I heard, but I wasn't blown away. It said on his bio that he is "the most popular drummer today", but I'm not sure why after what I heard. I can understand why people love Steve Gadd, but to me Neil Peart isn't that great judging from what I've heard so far. Why is he so popular?

In his solo, he didn't do any beats which I found very interesting or which really grooved and had a good feel to them (IMO), at least not compared to Gadd, or Vinnie. He kept the bass on 1 and 3 for the most part (I think). Does he ever do linear beats?

If the samples on this site are good examples of his style, then I guess I don't like his style, but that's not to say it's "bad"... just my humble opinion.
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