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Default Re: Jeff Beck's keyboardist?

Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
Funny you should start this thread, the bf and I were just talking about this a couple of days ago. I can't remember who the keyboardist is but when we saw Jeff in concert 2 years ago, the keyboard player was very good. You're right, he was tucked off to the side on stage but I seem to remember Jeff acknowledging him quite a bit during the concert. He seemed to have quite a bit of respect for him and there was a solo (or at least a few featured moments). Perhaps the keyboardist himself didn't want to be in the spotlight?
Good that he's not entirely a 2nd class citizen, eh? The people shooting the video don't seem to care for him, though - it's mostly the Jeff & Tal show with Vinnie as lead support. Really enjoyable band, though.

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
On top of my head, he played in There And Back and Guitar Shop, he co-wrote the song The Pump :)
I lost track of JB after Flash - I was more keen on his fusion than his 80s pop. From what I've been hearing I should have stayed in touch.

Funny thing about Becky, he plays all these - to use an Americanism - lameass compositions with about two chord changes and cheesy theme ... and by sheer brilliant execution jam the songs into something compelling.
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