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Default Jeff Beck's keyboardist?

Trying to get my head around this dynamic - there's Jeff Beck, Tal Wilkenfeld and Vinnie Colaiuta - the star trio. But there's this subservient keyboardist tucked away at the side - no one seems to talk to him, smile at him or even acknowledge his existence!

He's a live session player - filling things out and colouring the harmonies. No solos. Zero ego strokes (apart from playing anything with those guys).

It seems JB doesn't want a keys player to star in his band, while happy for Tal and Vinnie to strut their stuff.

I'm wondering why. Does he think keys solos are uninteresting? Can't find the right player? Decided enough was enough after Max Middleton and Jan H?

I'm just wondering if they even talk to the keys player off stage or if he has to hang with the roadies :)
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