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I knew that none of you guys would take me seriously. Your loss not mine. I know the truth. Somebody said on here: "And he is nowhere near Bonham, no rock drummer is". Appice could out-drum Bonham any day of the week, and this is coming from a big Bonham fan. I love Bonham and he is one of the best rock drummers EVER, but there are a few guys who were better. Sorry. That's a fact. Mick Tucker(R.I.P.) and Brian Downey are are Bonham's level too, but you never hear anything about them. B.S. I say! Ian Paice is better than Bonham, but a totally different style. One more thing to add and then I'm off my rant. Appice is a survivor. That's more than you can say of Bonham. Yeah, let's drink 40 shots of vodka in one day. Sounds like a brilliant idea. What a waste. Take care. Later.
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