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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

last man---

That's great to hear. I'm glad you are digging the book! As far as clinics go, well, I haven't been invited by any dealers or festivals over there. That's what it would take. I do not decide where I do them... I have to be invited! Maybe you can start bugging dealers and festival organizers to get me over there! I will be at the Frankfurt Music Messe on March 22nd and I'll be at Adams Drum Fest in Belgium on March 25th. I sure hope I make it to the UK sometime soon...


Absolutely. You can control your environment entirely. I mean, you can choose to blast your head off too, but using in ears is so much healthier on your ears than dealing with the decibel levels that drums and cymbals make.


Thanks for sharing that with me---and glad you are digging the DVDs! Yeah, the book will help with the materials on MM1. Brad Schlueter did an incredible job with the transcriptions!

My best to you all-
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