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Default Re: Songs that were Named After their Sound or Composition or Arrangement or Time Signature

While on Zeppelin, there's Rock and Roll.

There's a host of tunes ending in "rag" (eg. Tiger Rag), "swing" ("Mambo Swing), "blues" (a million of 'em), "soul" (a million of em) "rock" (eg. Eagle Rock, Brighton Rock and a million more), "jazz" (eg. This Is Jazz) etc.

Or "disco" ... Disco Boy, Slipped My Disco.

Tower of Power's You've Got to Funkifize.

Beck's Bolero. King Crimson's Bolero.

I had an album by a fusion guitarist where the first track was called something like Punk Funk.

I thought King Crimson's ThraK described the content well. The same band's B'Boom was mostly drum solo. Their song Trio was played by three of the band's members.

There was a Style Council instrumental called Dropping Bombs on the White House, where the teenage jazz drummer did lots of bombs later in the tune

There are thousands of these out there.
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