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Default Re: Stanton Moore here

I was completely unfamiliar with Mr. Moore before Sunday, he was one of those guys I "meant to get around to checking out".

I caught a clinic at Chops Percussion / Paige's Music here in Indianapolis and he blew me away!

What a musical cat. Just a sheer pleasure to watch the man work. I found myself humming a bassline to myself to accompany him during most of his playing.

The history lesson and Q&A were very fun, too. Not so many basic questions like many clinics I've attended. (Folks, read the FAQ on your drum hero's site BEFORE going to the clinic!!!) I got to ask a few questions and he's an informative and funny guy to boot. Thanks for hosting him, Chops!

Galactic was going on late for their set at the Vogue so I elected not to go, but I got his "Groove Alchemy" book/CD set and I cannot wait to tear into it.
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