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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

I know I already posted...but I wanna do this...

Real name?- Steven Bowman

Age?- 22

How long have you been playing?- altogether, 11 years, but soildly about 9

Origin of user name?- First initial and last name, the #'s are my old EID from mcdonalds

Your top 5 drummers?- Mike Portnoy, Chad Smith, Sean Pelton, Adam Deitch, Dave Wekil

Make of drumkit?- Sonor

Make of cymbal?- Sabian

Where do you practice?- My bedroom

Are you in a band?- yes. The 57 Street Gospel Blues Band and City Life Church Re:Gen worship team

Do you play covers or originals?- Both

What style of music?- Blues, Jazz, Rock, Worship

Favourite take out food?- Mcdonalds

What country do you live in?- Canada

One really odd fact about yourself?- I have double joints in my thumbs...makes drumming fun for

How did you start drumming?- I was raised in a family that had bands playing in my house for years and I always was fixated on what the drummer was doing
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