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Default Re: Songs that were Named After their Sound or Composition or Arrangement or Time Signature

Originally Posted by ?uesto View Post
That may not be the right wording, but there are a lot of tunes, (more instrumental ones) that are named after what the song sounds like or a description of and imaginary "setting" for the tune. Lots of jazz and fusion artists do this.

Unfortunately, I don't quite know too many, and I'd like to get better at identifying song meanings by their name or meaning of their name by the sound of the song.

A few examples of this could be like "Take Five" or "7even" by Nerve or "Schizophrenic" by Oz Noy.
John Petrucci & Jordon Rudess: Hang 11

Its sort of an homage to Take 5, but they tag on a six to it every other five - to make it 11.

Its neat.

Its on their "An evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess" record.

Love that tune.

Niacin has one called 4's 3. I think King Crimson's "three of a perfect pair" is a reference to song structure, as well.

Dream Theater's Octavarium is loaded with it... 8's within 8's within some other fun stuff.

You could also add in nearly any classic movement you care to mention into this category. Which, when you think about it, is what Prog is. Its classical with modern instruments.


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