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Default Re: Mapex Raptor VS. Gibralrtar Intruder

I currently use the Gibralter Intruder pedal on my off-broadway show. They are very nice pedals. Fast, responsive and solid. I originally purchased these pedals after playing Gibralters liqui-drive hi hat stand and falling madly in love with the response of it. The intruder Direct drive is as solid as any other pedal I have used in the past. However, if you think you are going to get the smooth ultra quick response of an Axis or Trick pedal you will be disappointed. Theses pedals feel closer to the big chain drive pedals out now...i.e. iron cobra or DW 9000.

As fas as duribility is concerned, I have been playing these pedals relentlessly since July and 8 shows a week for the past few months and they have been holding up perfectly. Granted, I am not the heaviest of hitters and I'm not exactly playing thrash metal with them...but for the price, the intruders cant be beat.
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