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Originally Posted by drumkat View Post
For starters, she must look like Amanda Peet.

Every time we go shopping, she says "I don't want jewellery, shoes or new curtains...I want to take you to every drumshop in town I want you to spend at LEAST $500-00 in each shop..."

When we get home she says " I don't want you to work anymore...I want you to focus on your drumming...I will get a very high paying job...when I have saved enough money, I will build you an extension to the house and get it sound proofed so you can practice all day everyday"

Every weekend she says "my darling, don't worry about visiting my parents, you need to go to as many concerts this weekend. I will make sure all your friends can come home afterwards and party as long as you like"
With that attitude, you're dreaming if you think you are going to get a woman.
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