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Default Re: Mid- life career change

At 14, I was going to rule the world.
At 24, I was going to be rich and laugh at the world.
Now at 34, I just want to relax in my own little world.

I took a look forward a few years ago and realized that I don't ever really plan to retire. Not completely, anyway. But I don't plan on killing myself until I've got one foot in the ground, stressing day and night about trivial things like sales figures and profit margins, either.

After we were married last August, my wife and I decided to concentrate on building our foundation now. We're nearly in a position to pay off our home outright. We've got some savings. And we keep up some pretty decent insurance just in case things go haywire.

In my day job, I'm a big-steel guy, but I've also decided to get my accounting degree as a fall-back. The the manufacturing industry is a slippery slope at best, but there's always work for those with a sharp attention to detail and a way with numbers.

Instead of ruling the world, or being rich, my plan is to relax, and be content. I'm going to semi-retire at 50. I'm going to go work part-time doing something I enjoy, whether it's selling fishing lures at the local Bass Pro Shops, barbecue grills at the local hardware, or doing taxes in the spring and manning the counter at the local gas station in the "off season".

Point is, I'm looking forward to my mid-life career change. I can't wait. I figure it's a right of passage. My time to prove that I've cared for all of the big-boy responsiblities of my 20's, 30's and 40's, so I can enjoy all the great things I love about life for the rest of my life.
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