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Default Re: Mid- life career change

This thread has been great to read. So much good perspective and the realization that there are a lot of good people out there like me. I did 10 years in the military out of college, then decided to chase the corporate carrot that so many of you have described...a soul-less and fruitless pursuit on my part. I turned into the angry guy that was always pushing too hard to make things happen. Somewhere in there, I bought some drums after giving it up for those 10 years. Interesting how much more I appreciate playing now than when I was a bit younger...much more like therapy! I did a career change at 40...closer to what I did in the military and away from the corporate gig. I don't make as much money but I am way happier and my wife and kids don't fear my return at the end of the work day. The job change, a good family, and a great set of drums kept me sane! Go for it! Departing my soapbox now...
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