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Default Re: Mid- life career change

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
@Polly- If I could write a book called 'I knew then what I know now' it would empirically prove that no corporation really cares about its people and you are always just a number, and easily replaced or duplicated, in the end.. and the realization always comes as a surprise!
We're not always easily replaced or duplicated. Since I started caring for dad, my work has tried to find interim replacements - they've hired and sacked two so far. They are working feverishly to develop a system to render what I'm doing at the moment redundant but that's maybe a couple of years away from realisation.

Ironic, here I am hanging out for a redundancy and they're clinging to me like a tick while so many people are desperate to hold their jobs and being booted.

Agree about corporations. Another irony, people are so often nice as individuals but put them into large groups and they become a heartless machine. Put them in small groups (like a band) and they just go mad :)
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