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Default Re: Mid- life career change

@Resohead- In our need to get ahead the one thing we arent conditioned to do it to count our blessings, and despite all my frustrations, angst and the midlife thing, I've got to say I have been very lucky with my career. Here's wishing you well in your transitions.

Thanks, aydee. I do work on being grateful but I also forget to from time to time. My issue is about making peace with life but also, and I hope I'm right, giving myself permission to take time for myself when that voice inside me says to. I told someone that sitting on my butt probably isn't productive but I really think that this time is allowing me a much needed break and I may not know why for years that it was exactly the right thing for me.

The happiest I've every been at a job was driving tractors and combines on a farm. Ridiculously tough work but I loved it. Too old to even think about doing that again.
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