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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

This looks as good a place as any to get started, eh?

Real name? Mike H

Age? 34

How long have you been playing? Started playing music at 7 y/o. Started playing "drums" at 34 :D

Origin of user name? I read about a "ground pounder" bass fishing tournament in Japan where all of the participants fished from the shore because the boating license and fuel costs were so expensive. Since I also mostly fish from shore, I adopted the nickname.

Your top 5 drummers? Merely from a fan-of-music perspective: Benny Benjamin, Uriel Jones and "Pistol" Allen (I lump these 3 together as the "motown trio), Bill Ward, Dave Grohl, Igor Cavalera, and Neil Peart.

Make of drumkit? N/A

Make of cymbal? N/A

Where do you practice? Basement, in front of the comp.

Are you in a band? Not currently.

Do you play covers or originals? N/A

What style of music? From a fan perspective: Huge into metal, rock, R&B, and motown.

Favourite take out food? Oriental, mostly chinese

What country do you live in? Motown, USA

One really odd fact about yourself? My index fingers are about 3/4" shorter than my ring fingers, and if you've ever played a string instrument, you know that this is kind of a big deal :)

How did you start drumming? I've been a semi-mediocre guitarist and bassist for nearly 20 years. This year, just after my 34th birthday, I was walking through my local GC on a whim and saw the Tommy Igoe "Great Hands" video playing on the screen. I figured "What the heck, why not?", so I picked up a practice pad and some 5A's and started going to town!
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