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Default Re: Mid- life career change

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Right on, guys. That corporate line is soulless and inevitably misleading. They always underplay their surge towards attrition and sometimes outright deny it.

Often this corporate vandalism is aimed at boosting quarterly figures, even though it's damaging to the organisation in the long term.

Then the executives use the quarterly figures as an "achievement" on their resumes (eg. boosted profits by x%) to gain an even better paying job so they can slash and burn again.

Meanwhile the people left behind start to pick up the pieces ... until the next shyster turns up to "restructure" their own little crumbling empire held together with gaffa tape and super glue.

Not a thing anyone can do about it either - might as well hope for world peace as make an impact ...

Reso, that move away from corporate life to rural areas is known as a "tree change" in Oz. Most of the sea changes have already been done with coastal properties bought out at premium prices.
It's all about keeping the shareholders happy and that means more money, more money, more money.
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