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Default New to forums here.


My name is Steven Bowman form good ol' BC Canada.

Been abusing kits from the age of 14. Now at age 22 Ive been through alot of changes over the years form style, sound, look, drum kits, bands....:P

I play mainly blues, jazz, and rock. Love Daniel Glass, Sean Pelton, Mike Portnoy, Chad Smith, Terry Bozzio, Jermey Colson, Jeff Kempateli. yea, i love alot of diffrent styles.

My kit is and has been for the past 4 years a Sonor Force 3007 Kit in Piano Black. 14x4 snare, 10x8 tom, 14x14 16x16 Floor toms and a 22x17.5 snare. Always have used Sabian AAX and HH all around. got three aaxplosion crashes 16,17, and 18, and 18 ozone, 8 splash, 14 HHDark Hats, 20 stage ride. also got a 14x6 birch snare drum on order.

Love to be here. Looking to learn lots as always.

God Bless,
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