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Default Re: Mid- life career change

I worked for the state of Texas for ten years and was laid off along with 20% of our agency 13 months ago. I've had a knock about life..managing retail stores, selling high end stereo, high end Italian furniture, outside sales. None of it was very satisfying.

Two months before the layoff, my brother, who I was very close to, died of cancer.

I've wrestled bipolar disorder for 30 years and after that one-two punch, I said, f*** it. I had some money and my brother left me some money but it won't go much further.

I haven't even done a resume or looked for a job and I won't for a few more months. I think that I've needed this time and my doctors haven't pushed me. Sometimes you don't want to push people like me.

So, maybe I'll find something bearable but all I really need is a paycheck and very good insurance.

I've been in a midlife change of careers my whole life.
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