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Default Re: New guy in here!

Originally Posted by Bogdan View Post
Thanks for the fast reply.Can you tell me how you tune your bass drum?
Well, i tune my bass drum in a pretty non-standard way.
I have my reso head tensioned just above wrinkle stage, tuned to the lowest possible pitch, and then tensioned just a little bit more. The batter head is pretty tensioned, about 2 - 2,5 full turns of a key. I also have a Falam Slam that helps a bit for muffling but it`s not pretty much of a difference. I have a piece of sponge inside in case i need any more muffling but i don`t use it. Also, my head combo is Remo PowerStroke 3 for the batter head and a Gretsch logo head for the reso side, wich is exactly like a Coated PowerStroke 3.

For the EMAD wich is a bit thicker, you may not need to tension your head as much as i do. Also keep in mind that you have to tune the head and only then you should add the muffling strip. If you don`t like what you hear, keep trying different things, that`s the only way to find out how to get your bass drum sounding good.

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