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Default Re: Mid- life career change

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Thanks dmacc. Its is saddening to hear of stories of the economy beating people up where there are no choices, but you are right, the big picture is key and educating myself with the new scenario might actally be stimulating. I hope things work out for you & your family in you new circumstances.
Thanks. I hope the same for you as well.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Offshoring. Outsourcing. Downsizing. Everyone's doing it. My work's obsessed with it. I've been hoping for a redundancy but I pass on the numbers and they love numbers. I refuse to spin the figures in the negative way the top brass want - if there's mitigating circumstances they're going to see it.

It's dumb ... they almost always overdo it and end up with corporate anorexia and loss of corporate knowledge.

So now, dmacc, you've been pushed out of your comfort zone and have to explore option #2. Hopefully your adjustment period will last long enough to be stimulating, but not long enough to be too wearing.

A kick up the bum is good for us at times, but there are limits, especially at this age.
First - yes - screw the glamor of travel. I did it and hated it. I also agree, they downsize until it hurts them but they don't care. I left on good terms though.

Not totally sure what #2 option is but I hope to think something will work out for the better. I'll never make what I was making since my local economy is just not that good any longer with those types of job situations so, like a drummer does, I'll need to improvise in life & work.

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Abe knows where I'm coming from here; Travelling with work is a bummer. The mindset, the stress, the obligations, not to mention the scheduling, oh, & did I mention the expectation of results? It's fine the first few times out, but I spent 15 years away from home for 9 months + / year (not in one chunk). There were highlights, don't get me wrong, but they were few & far between. Travelling soon gets tiresome, but it did dramatically widen my outlook on life, so for that, I'm grateful.

Oh, Abe, there is one very boring thing to consider: Remember that most of your value resides in your reputation/experience within your present industry. Be prepared for that "starting over at the bottom" hurdle, but use your accumulated wisdom to climb back up more rapidly than before. Never underestimate just how much easier things are for you now, as a result of your equity in the game :)

I agree - the traveling is terrible!

Extremely insightful reply on the balance as well.. Kudos for that statement.
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