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Default Re: Are there IHOP's in Europe?

Originally Posted by Netz Ausg View Post
I've not come across that O.o? Where have you see Coke Light? In the UK and Italy (when I was there a few years back) it's definitely Diet Coke.
I don't know about the UK ( I will find out this summer) but in Italy is definitely Coke Light. I've had friends ordering "Diet Coke" and the waiter pauses...awkward silence..then they say, Oh! Coke Light?

It could also be depending on the region. I've been to Napoli and Civitavecchia 90mins outside Rome) and it's Coke Light.

But I digress. We're talking pancakes here! Maybe I will go to AHOP...since the "I" is a misnomer, and I will let the people there know. Nothing like being pretentious for pretentiousness' sake...
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