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Default Re: Metallica with Cliff....

I do have to agree, but then listening to the newer stuff that they have recorded with Trujillo, I have to somewhat disagree. Death Magnetic, even though it has the "sound" of the new Metallica, is getting back into the roots of what was once legendary Metallica. The Lou Reed album they did was absolutely horrendous, and was primarily a money making scheme. That failed. Miserably. But I think that the youth has returned, in a way, with Rob Trujillo. He has the energy and the passion in playing the music. I think thats what did it. All of those ups and downs, is what drove Metallica to become what they were during the Load/Reload/StAnger phases. But now that Rob is here, and looks like here to stay, there is a renewed type of energy with these guys. Hopefully itll stick around, unlike Red Bull energy, and will start to get back to their thrash roots, and blow us all away.
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