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Default Re: Mid- life career change

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Old dog new tricks, anyone?

Im on the verge of taking a big plunge.

Any experiences or feelings about this to share?


Well Abe, welcome to my world ... :)

I've taken the big plunge several times in my life, and at 53 years of age, I'm about to undertake another plunge and another country move, although I'm not 100% confident about this one, I will have to see what the future is upholding for me. :)

All my previous career moves were somehow unintentional, it's mainly due to the fact that I moved to different countries around Europe and the avaibility of jobs in every country, not always easy to find a day's job within your field of work, so far I have done about 5 major different careers, not counting the in between jobs to keep the cash flow coming in. :)

The reasons to move so often accross Europe have been both by choice and/or by nessecity.

I wish you success in your new career. ;-)
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