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Default Re: Mid- life career change

I'm someone who is in the age range you mention that has had no choice but to switch. I worked for a large corporation doing what I enjoyed doing for almost 20 years until just last year all of our work was shipped overseas.

Unfortunately there's not much left of that sort of work any longer here in the States and I'm not sure how interested my wife and I are in leaving family behind by relocating to one of the few other states where that sort of work is (for the time being). This leaves me into a situation where a career change is a must.

While I will miss what I used to do, my heart and obligation is not with any corporation - ultimately it's with my family. So as long as we can make do with some sort of work situation where our lives are content in the big picture, we'll be satisfied.

My suggestion to you if you are planning on a switch is be prepared in all aspects - emotionally & financially. If you haven't already, get some books and read up on what to anticipate.

Good luck!
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