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Default Re: Mid- life career change

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
I've had enough scares in my life to realise it's all about experiences & fulfilment, so long as you can cover the basics of living. It's my dearest hope that any change you're making is for the same reasons.
I was hoping you would respond, because your history is somewhat similar to mine.. at least some of it.

Nothing like a health issues to bring priorites into sharp focus. We are dealing with one as a family as you know, so I do get it.

My option brings me a little bit closer to my passion, though it is still the proverbial 'day gig'. It has more to do with the business of music than previously... dont really know if thats good or bad, yet.

Your last paragraph is something Im grateful for because it makes me think... and consider my options purely from an internal perspective..

Change is scary at this stage in my career and one wonders if one can make the transition smoothly... ya, fulfilment... now I need to find out what that is : )

Thanks, Andy.

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