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Originally Posted by AndyMC View Post
I agree that Carmine Appice is an amazing drummer who is very underrated, but he didn't do anything to be remembered by the masses. And he is nowhere near John Bonham, no rock drummer is. So if you really care write Modern Drummer but I'd rather just know hes good instead of following lists.
Playing wise, I tend to agree. Vanilla Fudge were never that popular and were short lived. His tenure with Jeff Beck was short. He toured with Ozzy, but never recorded with him. King Kobra was never big and would have been forgotten had Carmine not been featured

On the flip side, he wrote THE #1 rock book that millions of drummers used as their first

And he co-wrote two top 10 hits with Rod Stewart that are very memorable.

The odd part is the 2nd hit, "Young Turks", featured a drum machine rather than Carmine's drumming.
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