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Default Carmine Appice

I think that Carmine Appice should be in Modern Drummer magazine's Drum Hall of Fame. He should have been in there ten years ago. He is one of the best rock drummers of all time. He is more talented on drums than Bonham was. Appice was more technical than Bonham and had more chops. Appice is good at double bass. Powerful. Good triplets. Played funky beats. Ghost strokes. Plays in odd time. He seems to be able to play a lot of styles. Very good soloist. He played excellent on the BBA album from 1973. Some of that stuff was proggy and funky. He's basically a legendary drummer and clinician and teacher and goodwill ambassador for the drums. And he claims he came up with the double bass shuffle in '72 and that Cobham and Van Halen took it and made it famous. He didn't seem bitter about it. He's better than his brother, Vinny. Vinny is good at hard hitting rock/metal. Carmine also claims that he used the first gong in rock and he invented the hi-hat anchor to hold the hi-hat onto the bass drum. Interesting.
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