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Default Re: Are there IHOP's in Europe?

In the UK we just have a simple breakfast really which usually consists of cereal or toast with orange juice or tea/coffee. Our cereal produce is also 90% whole grain. We don't really have any sugar-coated cereals (like in the US you guys have Froot Loops, Lucky Charms etc. etc.).
The sweetest cereal I've tried is called Krave which is like oat/wholegrain pillows with hazelnut chocolate in the centre. That's probably the sugariest thing we have as a cereal, haha!

But I'm very lucky if I have pancakes for breakfast. It's abit rare for us though I make them every couple of months. You guys are a little more sweetoothed than me. Again, I've been to US a good few times (maybe about 9 times). I've tried IHOP twice and the pancakes are great, but I make better homemade crepe's. Also, the I is definitely misleading. There aren't any IHOPS anywhere I've been outside of America. Alot of places in Europe don't even have a KFC and Italy doesn't have pizza hut (and I'm sure alot more countries won't either). We also don't have a single taco-bell or long john silvers.

Europe is way more healthier and balance diets better than America I think haha! We don't have many fast food places, apart from McDonalds in every street corner. But nobody really goes there, more people goto KFC or Burger King.
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