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Default Re: 100 greatest drummers

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
And they still miss out on Prairie Prince. Listen to the guy


Madam I'm Adam

White Punks on Dope

Mondo Bondage

He must have run over someone's cat or something because he seems to miss a lot of Best Of lists.
Oh yeah, this is good stuff. I saw The Tubes once at CalExpo (Ca State Fair) when I was really young. They are most known for their popular songs, she's a beauty and talk to ya later. I didn't know the drummer's name is Prairie Prince. He's pretty damn good. I'm enjoying these songs.

Speaking of bands from the Bay Area, here's a good drummer by the name of Mike Bordin. He co-founded Faith No More. The band has a cool history with Metallica. Bordin played in a band with Cliff Burton before Burton was in Metallica and now Trujillo, Metallica's current bassist is the olde bassist from Faith No More.

He's actually a lefty playing on a right handed kit.
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