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Default Re: 100 greatest drummers

Originally Posted by mikel View Post
Much better to call it "100 most popular drummers" cos that is what it is.
Question:Have you ever heard of Van Romaine?(I saw him live, I just realized he was on there) or Pat Mastelloto?
John Weathers from Gentle Giant made it above Travis Barker, and he's most definitely not more popular.

If you guys are mad that some of your favorite drummers from semi-obscure bands didn't make it you shouldn't be, they still have to be popular enough for people to at least be somewhat familiar with who they are/what kind of music they play.
As I said, two of my favorite drummers, Danny Walker from Intronaut, and that guy from Canvas Solaris didn't make it, but that's okay, because they've probably never heard of them......
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