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Default Leaving a band to start a new one? Where to start?

I believe it is time to leave one of my bands and I know what I'm going to do.
I just feel that the band is no longer as fun as it used to be and it's becoming very repetitive.
I feel that I would like to carry-on with my musical ventures with different styles and maybe even different instruments, probably even more song writing too.

I will probably miss the band I will leave, but it's just not as fun anymore and nothing is really happening either. Sadly.

But I would like some tips and pointers, I'm thinking of starting another band on the alt. rock side but with hints of latin, jazz and prog. However, I've tried websites like JoinMyBand and stuff but they don't exactly work well, and the people aren't very reliable. I'm in alot of bands for my local council (Wind band, Jazz Band, Rock Band and an Orchestra) and I think I might ask a few of the people I play with, but then again... They are all in bands and I doubt they'd want to be in another.
What would you guys say? Need heads-up and pointers to get started on my new musical venture! :)
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