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I had found a pair of sticks that I reeeealllyyy like, the length, weight, and feel all really worked for me. They are Vic Firth X5A's. Unfortunately, I feel like Vic Firth's quality has SERIOUSLY declined lately. I used to use pairs of sticks for a very long time, months at least. I have gone through 4 brand new pairs of these since the first week in January. At about $8-10 a piece it's not worth it for me to keep buying these. I've heard the HD9's stand up pretty well and are just a bit fatter than the X5A's so I'll give those a go. For now, I've been using the Neil Peart signature ProMarks. They have held up quite well, but they feel tip-heavy and the tips themselves are also too large for my liking...
Anyways, just my 2 cents!
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