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Default Re: Show Off Your Tama.....SNARE DRUMS!!!

Originally Posted by marko138 View Post
I'm not much of a fan of 14x5.5 snares at all. The Starclassic sounds good...but I can't get a nice high pop from it like I like. The Artwood does it easily and sounds great.

The SC is a much higher quality drum but the Artwood gets it done for me. I paid $98 for the Artwood. I tend to favor maple snares more so than other shell types.
I know what you mean. I seem to favor deeper drums with a high crack (or snap or pop or whatever) as well.
Although a 14x6,5 brass can be great as well. I just recorded with a Mapex Black Panther Blaster (13x7 maple with walnut rings), very nice.

Oh, sorry, I'm ruining the thread ;-).
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