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Default Why is it so hard....

humourless shoegazing indie wank

Brilliant! I too am going to "borrow" this phrase and incorporate into my everyday lingo. Ha!

This whole band thing I was in for almost 2 months is an observation in the social mores nowadays. The guitarist is a bear of a guy, with long hair and a beard, coupla tattoos, nice guy, good player, good arranger. His day job is in IT. The singer is short, perky, and she's a hairstylist / manicurist. Nice lady, great voice. The bass guy too is a big ol' New Jersey guy, retired, kinda a biker looking guy without the harley, earring, tattoos, nice guy... And me, average size, clean cut (the "corporate" look), no tattoos, etc. All these people smoke, their wives smoke, etc. All of us drink. I just prefer not to drink whilst playing or rehearsing. After rehearsal or gig, that's different entirely....

So a typical rehearsal we set up, someone always either cooked or bbq'd chicken or fajitas, and we rehearsed for an hour or so while the wives prepared the food. We then took a break and all ate together,. After eating the 4 of us rehearsed again.

Then rehearsal was done and we all helped each other pack up and said goodbyes, "have a great week", etc.

So my wife and I thought we had found some real pals to fit in with and jam with. If it came to gigging, they told me they only wanted to gig 1 or 2 times a month tops and only if it was "fun and loose". They even wanted to get my wife on shakers, a tamborine, or congas, etc. "Just want to jam and have fun".

Then the guitarist makes a huge deal out of me using a music stand (previous post). Then on two covers I didn't nail the groove right away in two rehearsals but came up with an alternative groove that everyone agreed sounded just as good and "fit". I'd never heard of the songs before then. Then the leader found out I also play for my church p and w band. I gotta say here I never even mentioned that until he and the singer were playing a duo gig and I couldn't make it to see them (we'd alreay seen them perform as a duo once) because of a previous church gig committment on the Friday night they played.

So Friday the duo played, Sunday we rehearsed (I did forget my bass drum pedal) and tighted things up, the leader introduced a new cover - on the fly - that I did nail, and then everyone agrees the rehearsal went great and we are sounding great. Monday comes and I get an email from the leader saying "Thanks for all the hard work, but we're going with another drummer'"

No warning, no nothing. Although I gotta say here, the last rehearsal I sensed something wasn't quite right with the way they were acting around me, but chalked it up to it being Sunday and everyone was maybe tired? They even treated my wife a bit differently....

Anyway, I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out exactly why I was replaced....

As they say, off the next adventure now!!!
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