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Default Re: Metallica with Cliff....

It's easy for fans to say "Well, knowing Cliff's personality, he wouldn't have let the band morph into what they became" And perhaps that would have been true. And certainly, many of us wish someone had convinced them to not go in the direction they did at the time of Load.

But if took a copy of Load to Lars and James in 1986, they would have laughed at you and kicked you in the crotch for even suggesting that would be the band they would become.

Load was 10 years later. Everyone in the band was 10 years older, with 10 more years of life. Between Justice and Load, most of the band had gotten married, divorced, and re-married. What interested in the band in 1986 and 1996 were two different things.

So it's impossible to say that Cliff would not have also changed over 10 years with the rest of them.

Like Pocket said, I doubt much would have been different because the band is and was Lars and James. They lead, they do the majority of the song writing, it's their band.
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