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Default Re: Why is it so hard...

The question to me isn't why its so hard, but damn how did I ever find people to form a great band.

You need a group of people that all getting along on a personal level, then you need the same people to get along on a musical level (maturity is almost always required here). Then you can start to play music, but for it to be good you need to also balance ego, to much rips a band apart, and too little leaves you boring.

Then of course there is everything else in the world stopping you. I had an incredible band awhile back that could have gone somewhere but the other guys graduated and left town :(

Also it is always easier to find people to play covers than originals, you remove the problem of also needing a great songwriter and the disagreements on arranging, plus the musos who do covers are more mature than the pure original crowd.
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