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Default Re: SKB Hardshell Case sizes

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
One word: WHEELS

Either getting a cart/dolly, or cases with wheels, or whatever, save yourself some trouble with wheels. Sure, there will be some stairs, but having wheels not only saves energy and your back, but most importantly, trips!
Absolutely. It would have served me better to have a small cart for my hardware tub. It had wheels but was so big and awkward you could hardly roll it.

I love the golf case I'm using now. It's got wheels and it's easy to handle. Perfect for what I need. I keep 2 cymbals stands, 1 hat stand, 1 snare stand, 1 floor tom stand, 1 throne base, and 3 clamp/boom arms in it. In addition to my cow bell, stick bag, and tool box.
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