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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Brilliant. Just brilliant. I've never heard this process so well described.
+1! I'm borrowing "humorless shoegazing indie wank" for the week, ok? :)

The only thing that keeps bands together is to have similar goals, and there are times when the financial aspect can be a great source of motivation. When musicians have day jobs, and aren't in it for the money, then they are playing in the band for some creative or social reason. If one player is there for the "the hang", and another is there to be creative, and another is there to get laid, and another is just getting experience, then it's only going to last for so long. There's just no way to satisfy all of the those desires within one band.

Leadership is really important, too. Having someone who can communicate clearly a financial and artistic vision for the group will eventually solidify the line-up.

I've also noticed that, in general, musicians are unusually sincere and single-minded about the music they love and/or will play. Embracing other genres of music is something that mostly only drummers preach to each other.
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