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Default Re: 100 greatest drummers

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Keep A Knockin' by Little Richard.

As for the monkey. Wacko Jacko doesn't need his anymore, so there's at least one spare floating around.

And yes Pol......even Meg!! :-)
Yeah yeah Little Richard ... I have a bad brain. Ta for correcting.

Jacko's been gone a while so Bubbles is surely settled into another home. One can only hope and pray.

It's silly but Meg fascinates me. On one level she can barely play but, ungainly as she looks, she somehow kept hitting those big backbeats on the button - and with that fab Bonhamesque tone.

I keep wondering how that works. I mean, most drummers shead their heads off and do diddly while a totally fundamental player immediately hits the jackpot. The pat answer is "it's not what you know but ..."

But there's more to it IMO. How about with Mo from Velvet Underground? I mean, I get The Shaggs, so bad it's good (to some haha) ... but with the others they were playing with great musicians who cleverly used their basic pulses to advantage. All they had to do is keep it steady. Obviously they wouldn't make Arky's Top 500 :)

Hope this isn't boring ... I find it interesting.
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