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Default Re: 100 greatest drummers

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
I agree ... and most of the drummers on that list (and the one who are not on it) wouldn't give a monkey about the "ranking", it's not a formula one racing contest :)
They may not have a monkey to give - not everyone does :)

Thing is, for example ... most of us probably love Bonzo's playing. But he no doubt had tons of ideas we know nothing about - at least I don't. Only last year I found out that he based has famous intro to Rock and Roll on Johnny B Goode - it's just the guitar riff on drums. There's a lot we "down here" don't know.

Whatever, anyone who routinely performs to thousands of people has my admiration and awe, and everyone that list has done it. That includes Neil, Travis, Joey and Meg (who's rightly excluded, but she still played major gigs and had people walking away happy).
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