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Default Re: SKB Hardshell Case sizes

Originally Posted by AxisDrummer View Post
Thanks for the responses so far.

Everything considered, for someone like me who will be playing no more than 4 shows a month, would I be better off getting the Gator drum and hardware bags instead of hardshell cases? Of course I realize I can't throw them around (not that I would with hardshells anyway), but at least it should prevent any scratching to the lacquer finish when transporting.

I know the bags (especially hardware bags) can rip when they're overloaded but at the lower price, I'd buy 2 for my 6 cymbal stands and hi-hat stand to disperse the weight.

Obviously the price is MUCH lower but so is the protection. Any thoughts on these?
I like to make as few trips from car to venue as possible when loading in and loading out. So if it were me I'd avoid having 2 hardware bags. Get a hardcase that will handle the weight and make 1 trip. Now, it'll be heavy. I know mine is. But I can manage it by myself.

I used to use a big (giant) blue plastic tub I got at Wal Mart. It held everything great...but it was a BEAR to handle b/c it was so big.
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